Psalm 1 in Our Family Time

As some of our friends and my family have been focusing on the Psalms this year, I've been trying to create homework for the way.  Homework might be an exaggeration.  With five kids, the goal of mealtime is usually just survival.  So my aim in homework is always to be family-friendly and quick.  It's a work in progress, but here's what we have done so far.

Study It

How many times does Psalm 1 say "way"?

What word pictures are in Psalm 1?

What is one question you have about Psalm 1?

Pray it

Turn Psalm 1 into a prayer.  How does it help you pray?

Enjoy It

Draw a picture inspired by Psalm 1.

So that's some of what we've done so far.  I'm curious to hear what other families do. We enjoyed doing art from Psalm 1 and look forward to drawing more Psalms.   Over the next few days I want to talk more about meditation and the true Psalm 1 man: Jesus Christ.