Guest Post: Tyler Giesel

One of the unfortunate recipients of my many musings is my coworker and friend Tyler Giesel.  He is my pastoral assistant at church where one of his unofficial duties is "listen to Zach ramble."  In addition to working at church Tyler is a student, husband, soon-to-be father, and social media guru. It's that last one that I'm interested in today.  When he asked me to write something for his blog ( I agreed on the condition that he would answer a question for my blog.  I think my question was something like this:  How do you successfully promote yourself on social media obeying the biblical virtues of humility and selflessness?  Where does Philippians 2 fit in? Or maybe I could have asked it like this:  would John the Baptist have been a blogger?

Follow Me

When you get on Twitter or Facebook now-a-days it seems like everybody is advertising their website or blog or their friends website or blog. I do it pretty often, but there are some people who don’t do it at all. Zach is one of those guys who doesn’t typically promote his site.  So, in today’s blog I’m going to explain why I unashamedly promote my blog and my friend’s blogs on social media. 

I was totally going to bank on using Paul’s usage of “follow me as I follow Christ” until I researched it a little better and saw it is better translated as the ESV puts it “imitate me as I imitate Christ.” However, that doesn’t mean that the blog topic is completely scrapped! Why do I consistently tell people to check out my blog or to follow me on Twitter? It’s because I have good news. It is because I have news that can literally change the way you experience life and how you interact with everything in life and I don’t want to keep it just to myself! I have written more on this topic here.

The topic of our blogs are generally theologically driven with posts that are good-news-centered. Our blogs are simple ways for us to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I recently had a discussion in my Growth Group about ambition in the work place and in this particular case we were wading through the murky water of ambition in the work place. Seeking to advance at our jobs, climbing the corporate ladder as they say. The conclusion that we came to was that ambition is great if we are ambitious for God’s fame and not our own.

(I know what you’re thinking, where are you going with this? Can you please just get on with your point?)

Okay, I will. When I seek for people to come to my blog, twitter feed, or my church’s website and twitter feed, I don’t do it for my own fame. I do it for the fame of the good news that is the gospel! I will continue to unabashedly promote my site on social media not because my website is the best website in the world. But because it is gospel centered and my Savior is the only Savior in the whole world! I must be excited about people hearing/reading about my God, no matter who the author is!