Psalm 8 in Family Worship

Our family and friends are starting to memorize and study Psalm 8.  Here are our initial questions and ideas. We'll have to see what we learn along the way.  

Study it

  • How does this Psalm begin and end?  Psalm 8 has a question. What is it? Where is it?
  • What word pictures can you find in Psalm 8?
  • How is God described?
  • How does God defeat his foes?
  • What does God give man?

Pray it

  • I praise God because of his majestic name.
  • I praise God because of his beautiful creation.
  • I praise God because he knows me.
  • I praise God because he made me.

Draw it 

  • Try drawing one big mural of everything in Psalm 8.

Words to learn 

(I'm trying to be aware of words that may be more difficult for my children).

  • LORD -

  • Lord -

  • Majestic -

  • Glory 

  • Dominion -