A Prayer from John Piper

John Piper's message "Subjection to God and Subjection to the State, Part 4" (From July 2005) was a timely and convicting listen for me last week.  More convicting than the message was Piper's opening prayer:  

For all of us gathered now, Father, in this room and the north campus, I pray.  I pray for ears to hear, eyes to see, hearts to feel, minds to understand. And for my own mind and tongue I pray for humility and submission to your word and faithfulness to the truth, and courage to say what needs to be said. 
Lord, you have met us and now meet us still.  Shape us into a people who have a resounding impact for the glory of Christ on America.  Upon government and law and court in America.
O Lord God, let us not be to unduly quietistic, withdrawn, inactive.  Let us be an engaged people, a thinking people, a working people, a relating people, a penetrating people. Like leaven.  Like salt. Like light.  
O God, forbid that we would sit and watch soaps or sit and watch comedy every night and have our minds made small and banal and trivial, empty, feeling nothing magnificent, driven by no great purposes.
O get us free from entertainment, I pray.  And fill us with causes and purposes of eternal things.  Life is so short. O God, come. Liberty your people from the emptiness that is commended to us on signs, newspaper, magazines, television, radio, dumbing down life over and over again to godless, Christless emptiness. 
Lord come.  Do more in this service than we ever dreamed you might do for the glory of your son and the significance of our little, short, fragile, dying lives.  
In Jesus’ name I pray,